Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cut Pewter

Pewter is a malleable metal.

Pewter is an alloy consisting of 96 percent tin and 4 percent copper. It is a soft metal, with a low melting point and its malleability makes it suitable for use in a number of crafting projects. Although you can use electrical tools with pewter, its not necessary, and hand-held woodworking tools are sufficient for cutting the metal. Once you have cut your pewter, you can use the piece for a casting project or use shaping and welding techniques to create unique objects.


1. Measure how much pewter you want to cut. Mark the cutting location using a pencil or by lightly scoring the metal with the saw.

2. Place the pewter block or sheet on the bench and secure it using the bench clamps.

3. Select the right tool to cut the pewter, depending on whether you want to make a straight cut or a curved cut. Bench shears, jeweler's saw or hacksaws are all suitable tools for making straight cuts, while band saws or jig saws can make curved cuts.

4. Put on your protective eye wear. Cut the pewter using your chosen tool. If you are using an electrical tool, follow the manufacturer's instructions and pay attention to any safety guidelines.

5. Finish the cut edges of the pewter using the sandpaper or grit cloth. Make sure you apply the sandpaper in a circular motion as sanding in one direction only could cause grooves in the metal.

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