Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Build A Wall Surrounding Property Without Looking Unfriendly

Zoning laws and homeowner association rules affect fence installation.

Few improvements a homeowner can make in the yard create more misunderstandings and hurt feelings than putting a fence or wall up between his yard and his neighbors' yard. It can give a feeling that something is wrong or that the next-door residents are somehow less than welcome as neighbors. Taking proactive steps to ease concerns before the fence or wall goes up can keep a neighborhood from losing its cohesiveness. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Talk to the neighbors, and explain in advance why the fence or wall is being installed. If they see a rational reason, such as to contain a pet or children, they will know that it is not about them.

2. Balance the need for privacy with the appearance of shutting out the neighborhood by watching the height of the fence. A higher fence gives more privacy but may block the neighbors from enjoy a scenic view from their home.

3. Consult with the immediate neighbor who will share the fence about the style of the fence. He is going to be looking at it from his home, and knowing that he has the ability to influence what will impact his landscaping and view will make him feel empowered instead of just subject to your whims.

4. Refrain from any discussion with the fence company, co-workers or family about the need for a fence to block out obnoxious neighbors. They may indeed by obnoxious, but word will always somehow get back to them what you've said.

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