Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wrought Iron Furniture Refinishing

You can identify painter's tape by its blue color.

You can enhance the appearance of your wrought iron furniture by refinishing it with the appropriate type of paint. Wrought iron is a durable, nonporous surface that will reject paint without proper preparation. You must condition the furniture by coating it with a special acidic primer capable of etching wrought iron. You should also select a specific type of paint, formulated to remain durable in the face of heavy friction, or you will eventually end up with heavy shedding.


1. Clean the wrought iron furniture with trisodium phosphate cleanser, using steel wool. Rinse the wrought iron with a water hose. Wait two to four hours for the furniture to dry.

2. Protect the portions of the wrought iron furniture you do not want painted by covering them with masking paper and painter's tape.

3. Place the wrought iron furniture on a heavy-duty fabric drop cloth.

4. Coat the wrought iron with a galvanized metal etching spray primer. Keep the can of etching primer 8 inches from the wrought iron as you apply. Wait four hours for the primed furniture to dry.

5. Coat the primed wrought iron with an acrylic or oil-based spray enamel. Keep the can of enamel 8 inches from the wrought iron as you apply. Wait six hours for the finished furniture to dry.

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