Thursday, September 19, 2013

Celtic Home Decorating

The Celtic cross is one of the most recognizable items of the culture.

Your home decor should reflect your personal style, heritage, interests and personality. For those with a Celtic or Scottish heritage, a home can be decorated to easily highlight the owner's Celtic heritage through the use of certain symbols, colors, furniture and rugs. Celtic culture is known for its oral history, mystical undertones, superstition and connection to the natural world. The sky is the limit when it comes to interior design, and you can utilize several methods to incorporate your favorite Celtic designs and items into your home. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Hang Celtic tapestries on the walls or as doorway covers instead of actual doors. Since the Irish are known for their tapestries, using Celtic tapestries, particularly those decorated with Celtic knots, will help reflect that heritage as a focal point in the room. Do not use too many of these tapestries in one area since, due to their large sizes and busy patterns, they can easily overwhelm a room.

2. Lay a large Celtic rug in your living room in colors of green and maroon, particularly if you use wooden furniture (Celtic furniture is often wooden and antique-looking). Use smaller rugs for rooms like bathrooms, pantries and walk-in closets.

3. Accent your home with pieces that feature a Celtic or Scottish image, like a Celtic cross, shamrock or claddagh. You can find these images on items such as decorative frames, table bookends, door knockers, carved candles, candle holders or throw blankets, to name a few.

4. Use tiles decorated in a Celtic design in your kitchen decor. You can use these tiles on the walls or countertops. Use a simple image characteristic of the Celtic culture, such as the Celtic knot, cross, a family crest, swords, dragons or claddagh, to create an overall theme for the room.

5. Install stained glass windows or panes in certain parts of your house where the sun will shine through directly. Popular Celtic stained glass designs include the triquetra symbol, Celtic knot, shamrock, and claddagh.

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