Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Braze Metal Wall Art

Artists who braze metal wall art create something unique.

Metal wall art is often dramatic and unusual. When several pieces of metal are used to create the art, artists must find a way to permanently braze them together. Brazing is done by joining two pieces of metal with a filler metal that is melted to form the bond. Brazing is similar to soldering but completed at a much higher temperature with a propane torch. Almost every metal can be brazed, so artists can be creative and adventurous when they create their masterpiece, combining copper, bronze, steel and other metals.


1. Organize your work area so all the tools you need are within your reach.

2. Wrap the inside of the table vise with rags so you don't damage your wall art when you secure it in the vise.

3. Place the metal pieces close together in the table vise, carefully securing them so they don't move or fall over.

4. Put on your safety glasses and gloves.

5. Turn on the propane torch with the nozzle pointed away from you and other flammable materials. Ignite the flame with a lighter. Adjust the flame by turning the knob on the nozzle.

6. Begin the brazing process by passing the flame constantly across the metal pieces to be brazed, being careful not to melt the metal.

7. Place the filler metal carefully between the two pieces of metal.

8. Pass the flame across the metal pieces again. Once the temperature of the filler metal has risen above 800 F, it will melt and fill the joint.

9. Turn off the propane torch. Clean any excess melted filler metal away with a rag before it cures.

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