Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mexican Furniture Characteristics

Mexican furniture is generally rustic in style. Traditionally made by native craftsmen called "carpentieros," Mexican furniture's style is that of both native and Spanish influence, as well as influences from outside Mexico. Woods and metals naturally found in Mexico are the standard materials for this type of furniture. Does this Spark an idea?


Mexican hand-crafted furniture was so valued that in 1568, a carpenter's guild was established by the Spanish in Mexico City. Being a guild member required a high degree of craftsmanship, ensuring quality pieces. Native "carpentieros" established smaller guilds outside larger cities in order to further their trade.


To own a genuine piece of Mexican furniture is to own a piece of historic functional artwork. Traditional Mexican furniture craftsmanship and style have had an impact on furniture styles across the world, as well as furniture production. Durable, stylish Mexican furniture can be a sound investment.


Carpentieros used wood that was native to the region in Mexico where they lived. Mesquite, a dark wood found in the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico, is used for its durability and hardness. Sabino, a lighter, golden-colored wood, was found in the swampy wet plateau regions of Mexico. Both mesquite and sabino have insect-repellant properties. Spanish cypress, heart pine, and walnut are also used in Mexican furniture. In more modern times, wrought iron has been used for furniture hinges and knobs.

Modern influence

As the furniture trade began picking up in Mexico in the 1600s and 1700s, Chinese influence began to play a part in Mexican-styled furniture. Lacquering and inlay techniques on wood became more popular. Colorful paints became more common in later furniture designs.


Because of the value of antique, traditional Mexican furniture, a huge trade has boomed in its reproduction. Knock-off furniture pieces claiming to be traditional Mexican furniture have sprouted up and are widely available. To ensure authenticity, be sure to research the manufacturer as well as the craftsperson of the Mexican furniture piece before buying.

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