Monday, September 30, 2013

Decorate A Girl'S Boutique With A Black And White Theme

Shopping at a girl's boutique is a great alternative to large malls.

Boutiques are typically smaller stores that specialize in a particular category of merchandise and provide superior customer service and attention to detail. A boutique doesn't always have to ascribe to a pastel color scheme or have a fairytale theme in order for it to appeal to girls and their parents; in fact, a girl's boutique decorated with a black and white theme allows the myriad of colorful dresses, accessories and gifts to pop and take center stage.


1. Determine the type of clientele you would like to attract. Girl's boutiques run the gamut from neighborhood shops where you can pick up a package of days of the week underwear to special occasion establishments where hand-smocked baptismal outfits can be had for a high price and once in a lifetime use. Match the black and white décor and merchandise vignettes to your targeted clientele to make potential shoppers feel more comfortable and glad they walked into your boutique.

2. A parisian themed boutique can make you say "ooh la la!"

Parisian themed boutiques hold popular appeal with a wide variety of consumers. Paper your boutique's walls with black and white toile or damask wallpaper for a classic French touch and add black wrought iron display tables and black or white painted armoires to hold folded clothing items. Hang crystal chandeliers to add an elegant sparkle to the environment. Place an oversized tufted velvet ottoman in the center of your boutique for trying on shoes or giving tired kiddos a place to rest. Scatter accessories such as Eiffel Tower models, topiaries and stuffed animal poodles around the boutique to complement the theme.

3. Referees know that black and white are stylish color choices.

Black and white stripes add a sporty, playful theme to a girl's boutique, especially when combined with pops of bold color. Mask off stripes in a desired thickness and paint alternate bands of black and white around your entire boutique. Take the sports theme up a notch with metal dressers, tables and display areas that resemble athletic lockers. Accessorize with children's chairs shaped like basketballs, soccer balls or baseballs and shiny trophies from a variety of sports. Include some gender neutral pieces of merchandise as this theme has the added benefit of appealing to boys as well.

4. Zebra stripes add a touch of the exotic to a boutique.

Safari inspired zebra stripes provide a feeling of adventure to a standard girl's boutique. Place faux zebra rugs on the floor to elicit the feeling of being someplace exotic. Display large black and white photographs of animals such as giraffes, cheetahs and lions in black frames on your walls. Provide adequate lighting from rustic wood chandeliers and floor lamps. Hang zebra-patterned dressing-room curtains to complete the theme while adding much needed privacy.

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