Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hacienda Style Patio Decorating Ideas

The styles that look great inside the hacienda-style house also work outside.

Hacienda-style patio decorating complements the growing popularity of outdoor rooms. The same vibrant colors, textures and accessories of the Spanish and Mediterranean-influenced style that look so good inside the house will look great outside as well. Does this Spark an idea?


The colors of the outdoors exert some of the greatest visual influences on the hacienda style of decorating. Bright yellows reflect the sunniness of Mexico and the Mediterranean. Additionally, blues, terra cotta, reds, oranges and greens are popular. Add these colors to places like the back fence, windowsills and patio support beams.


Homeowners should look for items like brightly colored Mexican pottery, wrought iron patio furniture, ceramic fish and birds, and poppy flowers or broad-leaved plants like the yucca.


Some items like outdoor terra cotta fireplaces are also popular in this style, and indeed they make great accessories for that barbecue with margaritas out on the back patio. However, homeowners should exercise caution when using them. Keeping them a few feet away from the patio will minimize the possibility of sparks flying and possibly causing fire.

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