Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make A Metal & Wood Bookcase

Build your own ornate bookshelf

Building your own furniture can be one of the greatest pleasures a do-it-yourselfer can experience. A bookcase is a wonderful beginner project because it is such a simple piece of furniture. It can be dressed with stains and decorative metal work to create a truly original work of art. If you use a stronger wood like MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), you will have a bookshelf that will withstand the test of time and maybe even be passed down to the next generation. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Sand all cut edges of the wood to remove any splinters.

2. Lay the 31 1/2 by 48 board on the ground. This will be the back of the bookcase.

3. Place the two 11 1/2 by 48 boards on the back board, one along either 48-inch side, perpendicular to the back board. These will be the sides of the bookcase.

Attach them with wood screws, drilling small holes where the screws will go (called pilot holes) first to prevent the wood from splitting.

4. Attach one of the 11 by 30 boards to the top end of the bookcase (either side is fine) with wood screws. It should be completely enclosed, with only the front edge showing, and should be 1/2 inch shallower than the sides.

You now have a box with a back, two sides and a top.

5. Attach another 11 by 30 board at the bottom with wood screws. It should be attached 3 inches above the floor to give room for a footer.

6. Attach the other three 11 by 30 boards as shelves with wood screws. They should be secured into both sides, and into the back if necessary. Shelves can be spaced according to the height of the items to be stored.

7. Attach the 3 by 30 boards to the front of the top and bottom boards with wood screws. The top board should be flush with the top of the bookshelf and hang down (creating a header), the bottom board will cover the 3-inch gap between the bottom shelf and the floor (creating a footer).

8. Stain the bookshelf with wood stain. Different stains have different procedures and drying times, so be sure you are familiar with the product you are using before you begin.

9. Attach decorative metal corners to the bookshelf with mounting nails.

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