Monday, September 16, 2013

Decorate With French Decor

Decorate the interior of your home to reflect a French cottage.

French decor is based on casual style and follows no established decorating rules. It is a fresh mixture of function and elegance combined with rustic elements. Country-style antique furniture is mixed comfortably with hand-painted accent pieces. Worn linen pillows can be placed on a polished chintz sofa. The subjects of nature and the French countryside are used in an inviting and cozy manner, with peasants, roosters and sunflowers subjects for accent sculptures and printed fabrics. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint your walls with a blue, red or gold faux finish to resemble painted French stucco. There are commercial kits available to help you layer two or three shades in a color family to create depth and texture.

2. Hand paint a larger piece of furniture, such as an armoire, with flowers on an ivory background to be the focal point of the room. If you are not confident using an artist's brush, stencil the design instead. Sunflowers and old-fashioned roses are favorite subjects in French decor.

3. Purchase French provincial, chintz or toile fabrics for your curtains, place mats, quilts and pillows. The colors are intense blues, terra-cotta reds and golds, with patterns printed with small geometrical shapes or countryside scenes. These fabrics can be found in retail fabric shops and quilting stores.

4. Install hardwood or ceramic tile floors. The hardwood should have a darker finish and the ceramic tile should look rustic with a matte finish. Accent the floors with brightly colored area rugs.

5. Collect accents of willow baskets, ceramic roosters, decorative wire bird cages and crocks filled with flowers to place on tables and counters. Arrange the items in small groups so they do not look cluttered.

6. Hang a wrought iron or oil-rubbed bronze chandelier in your dining room. The design should have simple lines and your cabinet hardware should match.

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