Friday, September 13, 2013

Create A Teen Gothic Inspired Bedroom

Place silk dried roses in the room as a decoration.

The Gothic style is more than just vampires and teenagers in black eyeliner. It's a way of life -- a life of pacifism, unique art and a fascination with Victorian culture. The main color associated with Gothic fashion and decorating is black. However, reds and grays are popular color choices as well. When decorating a bedroom for a Gothic fan, use Goth-inspired colors and fabrics in your design. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls and ceiling a charcoal or slate gray. Use a flat wall paint to avoid shine. Let the paint dry overnight. If necessary, apply a second coat of paint after the first dries to fully cover the wall.

2. Hang drapes over the windows. Choose drapes that are floor-length and made from velvet or look like a tapestry. Use curtains in blacks or rich reds. Allow the drapes to hang down and billow around the window.

3. Cover the floor with a black or rich red rug.

4. Place large, Gothic-looking furniture in the room. Use a wrought iron or faux wrought iron bed, with or without a canopy. Place a large, armoire and oversized bedside tables in the room as well, made from dark-stained woods.

5. Put satin or cotton sheets on the bed. Choose blacks, grays or rich reds for the sheet color. Cover the bed with a velvet comforter in black.

6. Hang a wrought iron mirror on the wall.

7. Spray-paint a vase with black or dark gray paint. Let the paint dry overnight. Fill the vase with a dozen silk red roses. For a more authentic feel, look for roses at the craft store that look like dried flowers.

8. Hang wrought iron sconces on the wall, complete with votive candles. Add a floor candelabra to the corner of the room or a tabletop on a dresser.

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