Friday, September 6, 2013

Decorate A Floral Wedding Arch

Dress up your wedding arch with floral arrangements and accessories.

A floral wedding arch can be an elegant touch to any wedding, either indoors or outdoors. The flowers that adorn the wedding arch can create that extra touch of sophistication to match the theme of the wedding. Think tropical birds of paradise for a beach wedding in Hawaii or delicate magnolias for a wedding in the South. With a floral wedding arch, the flowers make the biggest statement, but other accessories can help to highlight the floral effect.


1. Sketch out how you plan to decorate the wedding arch. The sketch will help you envision the arch and assist you in making decisions about purchases. Unless you have decorated numerous wedding arches, it can be difficult to estimate the number of flowers and other accessories that you will need without a clear plan of how you will use them.

2. Purchase the flowers that you will use for the wedding arch. Consider the size and color of the flowers and how many of each you need. Also, be sure to consider the theme of the wedding. A beach wedding can feature colorful tropical flowers, but the blend of flowers and colors can also overwhelm the arch if overused. At the same time, a wedding arch covered in elegant white flowers can be a perfect complement to the ceremony.

3. Purchase the greenery that you will use around the flowers. The greenery can include such items as fern fronds, palm fronds or pre-wired garlands. Select the type of greenery that best highlights the flowers and the theme of the wedding.

4. Buy the decorative accessories that you will use. Floral wedding arches may be limited to flowers and greenery, but they may also feature other decorations that highlight the flowers and the theme of the wedding. Delicately draped tulle can set off the flowers beautifully, and ribbons can help to secure the flowers while adding a touch of sophistication to the wedding arch. Small bells, butterflies, or even a string of white lights can be a perfect addition.

5. Add the tulle fabric, if you plan to use it as a main display on the arch. Drape the arch in tulle and attach it with floral wire or by wrapping the tulle around the arch to secure it.

6. Begin adding the flowers, using the floral wire to secure them in place. If you use flowers of different colors, be sure to arrange them around the wedding arch or in small groups at specific intervals. Add the greenery as you go, allowing the greenery pieces to sit behind the flowers and accent them. Add any decorative accessories by attaching them to the flower stems or to the tulle.

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