Monday, September 23, 2013

Get Storage Shelf Space

Get rid of unnecessary items to create storage shelf space.

Adequate storage space is essential to keep the home orderly and organized. An unorganized, cluttered room or home creates stress. Having to look for things takes time that you could use for other family activities. Fortunately, with a bit of organization and forethought, you can create the storage shelf space you need to keep your home organized and attractive looking. The best part is that creating shelf space is economical and does not require any special skills. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Get rid of any items or products you don't use to free up storage space on your shelves.

2. Create space on your cabinet shelves with tension curtain rods. Use two rods to create a divider on the cabinet shelf. Position one curtain rod toward the back of the shelf. Twist to secure it in place. Position another rod toward the front of the shelf and secure it in place as well. Create as many dividers as you need at intervals. Store cutting boards, baking sheets, lids or serving platters between the dividers in an upright position.

3. Double your storage space with trays. If you have limited cabinet space, arrange glasses you don't use frequently on the shelf. Place a tray over the first tier of glasses. Place the glasses or cups you use more frequently on the tray. Employ this option under the kitchen sink to store items you don't use often. You can use a small piece of wood if you prefer.

4. Install a pot rack in the kitchen. If you hang your pots on the pot racks, you can use the shelf space for items that you cannot hang.

5. Place wire risers on shelves to create additional storage. If you have vertical space over a shelf, wire risers are an ideal solution to double your storage area.

6. Maximize your shelf space with clear plastic bins. Store small items such as CDs, books or office supplies in baskets, and place the baskets on the shelf.

7. Free up shelf space in your bathroom with a wrought iron wine rack. Use the wine rack to arrange your towels neatly. Besides creating space, a wine rack adds to the decor, and the towels can add color to the bathroom.

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