Monday, December 28, 2009

Accessorize Fireplace Mantels In Tuscan

Yellow sunflowers in a sky blue vase give your mantel a Tuscan touch.

Tuscan decorating takes its cue from rustic Italian farmhouses and grand villas. Colors in Tuscan décor are drawn from nature. The bright blue of the Tuscan sky on a sunny day, the burgundy of wine, sunflower yellow and olive green are all hues found in this decorating style. Textures are rough like the plaster walls in a centuries-old farmhouse and the cobble stones on a narrow village street. Wrought iron, copper, ceramic items, pottery and baskets are all prevalent in Tuscan décor. Each of these elements can be used when you accessorize your fireplace mantel in Tuscan style. Does this Spark an idea?


1. March pottery vases filled with bright blooms like sunflowers and Gerber daisies across the fireplace mantel. Choose Gerber daisies in saturated colors such as red, yellow and orange. Mix colors and sizes of sunflowers for more interest. Arrange a large bouquet in a terra cotta pitcher and flank it with pillar candles in wrought iron or pottery holders. Hang a painting, print or photograph of the Italian countryside in the same hues above the mantel.

2. Line up a collection of ceramic pitchers on the mantel from large to small, or group similar colors together. Intersperse them with a grapevine garland and faux bunches of grapes. Hang a large grapevine wreath above the mantel embellished with grape bunches.

3. Place glass vases in Tuscan colors of cerulean, sage and burgundy on the mantel. Choose small graceful olive branches to put in each vase. Buy them at your local craft store. This arrangement gives your mantel both Tuscan color and the natural touch so common in Tuscan decor.

4. Pile colorful fruits and vegetables in a woven basket. Opt for artificial ones. Choose apples, grapes, red and green peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. Flank the basket with candles in wooden or wrought iron holders. Add a dash of elegance by switching out the basket for a glass pedestal bowl trimmed in silver like one you might find in a Tuscan villa. This arrangement would work well on a fireplace mantel in a Tuscan style kitchen.

5. Pair a persimmon color ceramic urn with a trio of deep blue ceramic candle holders or contrast it with three black wrought iron ones.

6. Give the mantel vineyard flair by displaying a collection of glasses from your favorite winery. Add bottles of Italian wine in woven basket bottle holders. Chianti bottles are perfect for this. Consider putting candles in a couple of them for a romantic glow.

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