Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorate A Half Canopy Iron Bed

A half canopy bed doesn't look quite so dominating in the room.

While many are familiar with a wrought iron canopy bed, a half-canopy bed is not as common. The name describes the structure perfectly as the canopy frame that extends over the bed is only a fraction as long, starting at the head of the bed. This gives you the best of both worlds as you get the benefit of having a slight canopy overhead without the sometimes overbearing impression that a full canopy bed can give. Decorating such a bed might seem daunting, as it's less traditional, but it can still be a fun and rewarding process. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select your bedspread or duvet cover first. The color of this cover should match one of the main shades of your color scheme. Select two pillowcases that match this color exactly.

2. Select sheets and a dust ruffle that match this color but have a bold pattern. For example, if your bedspread is blue, blue floral sheets and a blue floral dust ruffle will keep the look from seeming static.

3. Measure the height of your canopy. Cut a piece of fabric that is 2 feet wide and three times as long as the height of your canopy. Select a fabric that matches the patterned fabric of your sheets and dust ruffle exactly.

4. Drape the fabric in and out of the curves of the frame of your half canopy. Experiment with how low or how symmetrical or asymmetrical you want the curves, drapes and folds to be.

5. Add a three or four throw pillows in a different, contrasting color of your color scheme to keep the bed looking dynamic. Add pillows of different textures.

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