Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Ideas For Family Tree Collectors

Family tree collectors will appreciate a variety of gifts pertaining to family.

Family tree collectors appreciate gifts that help add to their family tree or aid in the search for genealogy information. Rare documents or photos are also cherished gifts.

Collectors enjoy displaying items with their family's information or gifts that contain names of family members, perhaps with room to add future family members. A variety of gifts to please the avid family tree collector are available for various budgets and tastes.

Display Items

Give the collector a starter kit for a family tree display. A metal-fabricated tree frame in a convenient size to set on a table is available at collector sites, such as The trees come with small picture frames to place pictures or write names of family members and ancestors. A less expensive version of the tree is to use a wrought-iron ornament tree. Small ceramic tiles are available at hardware and flooring stores, and permanent decorative markers write nicely on the tiles. A loop of gold thread glued to the back of each tile will make hangers to place the tiles on the tree. Family photos can also be glued onto the front or back of tiles, if desired.

Personalized Collectibles

Family trees can be designed and printed on to quilts or stitched on to throws. A photo family tree can be created with as many photos that are available. Some displays place the ancestor names and pictures over a recent family photo of one of the families on the tree. A family crest is an old-world idea and can be searched for, or one can be designed and printed. The Tree Maker is one online source for these types of gifts. A photo store can also created personalized items that will delight family tree collectors.


Genealogy tips from the web site Solve Your Problem offer some ideas of documents to search for in genealogy. Find a document the family tree collector will cherish. Some examples include a ship manifest, a record of military service or award given, an account of an interesting event or "family skeleton," property records and landowner receipts from the home country of an ancestor.

Magazine or Online Subscriptions

A family tree or genealogy magazine will provide information and ideas that the collector may not know about. An online search site or magazine is also a subscription that the family tree collector will find helpful. These gifts can be purchased for long or short subscription times.


A handheld scanner, an oversized printer for large documents and a media converter are some of the electronic devices that family tree collectors can use in their searching.

These are available online at sites like Find Your Roots that sell genealogy help tools.

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