Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Longaberger Basket Uses

Longaberger baskets help eliminate clutter in your home.

Started in 1973 by a family with a tradition of basket making, Longaberger is known for its high-quality, hand-woven baskets. The company produces seasonal baskets in addition to traditional varieties. The high quality and short availability of the seasonal ones make them popular with collectors. Whether you have an abundance of Longaberger baskets or just a few, countless uses for them exist throughout your home. Does this Spark an idea?

Living Room

Longaberger baskets solve basic storage problems throughout your living area. The TV Time Basket is perfect for storing various remote controls, a book, reading glasses and other items needed when relaxing at home. The Tall File Basket makes an attractive magazine holder. Longaberger makes several different-sized baskets that fit under coffee tables, in bookshelves and under television consoles for extra storage. Create a silk flower arrangement in the Longaberger Basket Vase. By adding green craft foam to hold the stems, you can use any size Longaberger basket for a faux floral display.


Keep your remotes and reading material by your bedside in a basket similar to the one suggested for the living room. Store out-of-season clothing in your closet or under your bed using Longaberger's covered baskets. Place a small basket, such as the Tea Basket, on your dresser for jewelry or hair accessories.


Organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets with all sizes of Longaberger baskets. Folded towels fit nicely in a large storage basket, while a smaller storage or Bread Basket can house your toothpaste, makeup or medicines. The Small Metropolitan Basket holds hair care products neatly under the sink Use a basket as a trash can or to store additional rolls of toilet paper. Reduce clutter around your sink by placing all of your lotion, hand soaps and other toiletries in a small or medium storage basket.

Kitchen and Entertaining

Longaberger storage baskets are ideal for arranging your pantry. Keep all of your spices together in a Stow Away Basket. Use the different baskets for serving as well. Put the Tea Basket to its intended use by filling it with various flavors of tea bags. Longaberger makes bread and cake baskets that can also display appetizers and cookies. Shallow baskets with side handles can serve as trays or hold napkins and utensils for entertaining. Line a Flare Basket with plastic and use it as an ice bucket.


In addition to using the Recycle Bin Basket as a hamper, employ smaller basket varieties in the laundry room as dryer sheet holders or for lint disposal. Medium storage baskets can organize your detergent, bleach and stain removers.

General Organization

Place a large storage basket by the front door to put shoes in upon entry. The Recycle Bin Basket is also a useful way to keep your wrapping paper and supplies in one place. Office and school supplies are easier to find if all kept in one basket. Toss nails, picture hooks and other hardware into a small storage basket kept in the garage or other area of your home.

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