Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ideas To Make A Base For A Glasstop Dining Table

Glass-top dining tables are like little windows into the creativity used to make the base. The glass provides an easy-to-clean, splinter-free surface, and the base might be salvaged from the attic, the dumpster or the garage. You can place a piece of glass over an existing table, but don't limit your imagination. Create a perfectly original dining room masterpiece that's a mealtime conversation piece as well. Does this Spark an idea?

Old Saw

Two sawhorses and an old door make a good table, and you can keep them from looking post-grad-apartment by painting and distressing all the wood, sawhorse base and door in the same color. Remove the hardware from the door. Drill a hole in the door and each sawhorse, just where the two meet on either side, and pound a short length of dowel in the hole so it is flush with the door surface and holds the pieces in place. Cover the door with a sheet of custom-cut glass for an original, shabby chic dining table. A matched set of elegant dining chairs or a mismatched set of chairs painted in various colors will finish off the dining room decor.

Stitched Together Design

Bolt a 1- to 2-inch slab of wood to an old cast iron sewing machine base, and cover it with a glass top. The wood can be oiled, distressed, painted or even decoupaged because it is protected from spills and marring by the glass. The base is heavy enough to be extremely stable. In fact, you should position this table carefully because it will be difficult to move. Surround the table with upholstered chairs in rich fabrics for contrast, or stay industrial and modern and use molded metal chairs, Eames molded fiberglass chairs or clear "ghost" chairs will let you admire the old-fashioned base.

Arcade Dining

Repurpose a vintage arcade game table into a quirky dining table with the simple addition of a glass top. The game is visible through the glass, turning every dinner party into an instant, lively conversation. Set clear "ghost" chairs around the arcade table or look for molded metal chairs. For very casual dining, wooden stools distressed to look like old arcade finds perfectly complement the original table.

Construction Chic

Use pallet wood boards to make a tabletop that is fastened to turned wood legs from the flea market or hardware store and topped with glass. Remove the flat side of a pallet, keeping the boards and cross boards in place. Paint the boards each a different high-gloss color. Screw on old dining table legs. If you can't find cheap flea market or trash pile legs, look for some in home improvement or hardware stores. Use rough twine and strong glue to wrap the legs entirely in twine, and clear coat it with acrylic finish. Top the table with a slab of custom-cut glass, which creates the unbroken surface for dining and reveals the reclaimed pallet and cool covered legs below.

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