Friday, December 11, 2009

Build Iron Rod Gates

Iron rod gates are not as fussy as wrought iron, but can still contain finials and monograms.

Iron rod fences and gates offer security and privacy to your home, while not displaying the imposing ornate look of wrought iron. Instead, iron rod offers a sleek and stylish look that's also durable and strong. Gates must be manufactured off-site, since their construction involves casting from iron using a forge and welding tools. The finished product is primed and finished with sandblasting techniques and the topcoats are baked on, in an oven. However, the homeowner can install the material, in all but a few complex instances. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Contact local building authorities to determine if you'll need a permit to erect a gate. This is usually only applicable if you're putting a gate at the end of a driveway.

2. Determine the gate's width and height, using a tape measure. Make certain that the ground the gate will swing over is level and solid.

3. Create your design from the many options available through various gate manufacturers, or design your own. You can choose from various finials or add a monogram, if desired, and select a finish color.

4. Check with the manufacturer to determine the best post footings for your gate. If the gate slides out of the way, you can set the posts in a concrete footing. If the gate swings open, you must use heavy posts set 3 to 4 feet into steel reinforced concrete. Also, if your gate contains an automated opening system, you must embed the electrical line into the post.

5. Dig post holes, using a post hole digger, to the recommended depth. Place the posts in the holes, and embed in concrete, per the gate manufacturer's instructions. Check for level and plumb--straight up and down.

6. Attach the gate to the posts, using the prefit hinges provided by the gate manufacturer. Hook up the automated opening mechanism, per the gate manufacturer's instructions.

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