Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Design A French Provincial Kitchen

French provincial style mimics the architecture and design found in French provinces, such as Provence or Normandy, throughout the mid-eighteenth century. The country people in these areas craved the more ornate styles found in Paris, but their means and location necessitated a simpler approach. Equally at home in basic cottages or more elaborate homes, the French provincial style results in a welcoming and rustic look that incorporates practical details into the overall design. By using natural materials and including some basic architectural elements, interested homeowners can replicate this look when designing their own kitchens. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Incorporate an island bench. Earthy hues of granite would make an appropriate material for your island, but butcher block wood or neutral stone would also work well. A double sink and plenty of seating help make the most of this area.

2. Include decorative columns as well as ornate corbels, decorative brackets that support a kitchen beam or shelf, in the kitchen design. Consider adding wooden beams across the ceiling to add a farmhouse feel.

3. Highlight a mantelpiece, always a focal point of a French provincial kitchen. In modern kitchens without a fireplace, many designers add a mantelpiece to disguise the area where the stove and the range hood come together. The mantle can be stone and wood or simply a large beam stained dark.

4. Hang a wrought iron pot rack and incorporate plate racks into your cabinetry. Both of these elements improve the organization and functionality of your kitchen, as well as adding a homey touch to the design. A farmhouse sink serves a functional and decorative purpose by giving you plenty of space to wash dishes as well as adding yet another authentic country French element.

5. Utilize natural materials in the construction of your kitchen. Terracotta or parquet floors add an authentic element to your kitchen design, as do stone or brick ones. Wooden shutters serve as practical and decorative window coverings. Walls can be painted plaster or stucco. Ceramic tiles added to the backsplash and scattered throughout the kitchen help create a European feel.

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