Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reuse Old Windows

Use creative techniques to reuse old windows.

You move into a new home and find several windows stacked in the attic or garage. Or you're having the windows in your home replaced with new, energy-efficient ones. Or you're tearing down a building; all the windows have been removed. What do you do with all these old windows? Don't throw them away. You can breathe new life into old windows in all sorts of creative and unique ways. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Turn a window into wall art. There are numerous way to do this. Paint the frame or carve decorative designs into it. Glue wrapping paper, multicolored tiles, small mirrors, photos or dried leaves to the panes. Paint or stencil pictures and designs on the panes; incorporate a holiday theme for Christmas or Thanksgiving or a food theme for a kitchen. Remove the glass and hang beads and trinkets in each panel. After beautification is complete, attach hooks to the window, hang it on the wall lengthwise or crosswise, and viola! A boring wall is instantly dressed up with this fun and funky accent piece.

2. Use an old window to make a tabletop. You can attach four table legs to a window, or simply find a table the size of your window and lay the window atop it. To streamline the look, paint or stain the window and legs or window and table so that all pieces will match. Decide what to do with the glass: leave it clear or paint it black or whatever color works best with your décor. Window coffee tables, end tables, dining room tables and sofa tables make for interesting and eye-catching interior design--and making furniture yourself gives it sentimental value.

3. Make decorative doors. Replace the doors on cabinets, closets, wardrobes, shadow boxes, hutches, and the like with windows--a much less run-of-the-mill, humdrum option than a regular door. As with the window-table idea, paint or stain the window so it will match the furniture to which it is being attached. Of course, doors are made to keep clutter hidden, so if you want to keep items behind the door out of sight, you can paint or frost the glass in the window panes, or glue on wallpaper.

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