Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make Cushions For Patio Chairs

Some people purchase new patio chairs to bring a new look to their patios. Instead, you can make your own cushions for patio chairs to get the exact colors and patterns needed to complement your outdoor space. You also create the precise comfort level you enjoy when you make the cushions with the foam firmness of your choosing. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the length and width of the surface area of the patio chairs. Don't add extra inches over the sides of the chairs. Cushions hanging over the sides of furniture will sag and deteriorate faster than properly fitted cushions.

2. Decide how thick you want the cushions. The less forgiving and conforming the furniture frame may necessitate thicker foam. You also need to decide how firm the foam should be. Foam can be very supportive, very conforming or somewhere in between.

3. Buy the foam for the cushions. You will need to provide the dimensions for the cushions to the foam store.

4. Measure the cushions to get a good measurement for purchasing fabric and cutting the fabric. Sometimes cushions aren't the exact advertised size.

5. Buy a good weather-resistant material and zippers for the cushions. Use the measurements from the foam as a guide to purchasing the fabric. Remember to include the thickness of the pads on all four sides. Get zippers long enough to go across the long side of the cushion with 1 to 2 inches of non-zipper space at each end.

6. Create a pattern for your fabric by drawing the measurements from the foam pad onto a pattern paper. You need a pattern for the top and sides as well.

7. Cut the fabric according to the pattern.

8. Sew your pieces of fabric together inside out, like you would sew a pillow case.

9. Sew the zipper into one of the long sides of the cushion fabric.

10. Turn the fabric right side out through the hole created by opening the zipper.

11. Stuff the cushion with the foam.

12. Put your newly made cushion on the designated piece of furniture and give it a test sit.

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