Thursday, December 17, 2009

Contemporary Home Accessories And Decor

Match your accessories to fit your style.

Contemporary décor creates a comfortable living space known for its clean lines and simple feel. However, the wrong accessories can quickly ruin the room's inviting mood. Does this Spark an idea?


Since most contemporary rooms have mainly neutral furniture, accessories are your chance to liven up the room with color. Go for pillows, throws, and rugs in warm, bold colors.


Look for coffee tables, picture frames, lamps, and other accessories with metal accents. Add interest to the room by incorporating at least one unusually shaped metal piece, like a floor lamp with a unique stand.


Artwork can add color or bring out the base colors in the room. For example, black and white pictures over the couch may help complete the look in a living room with black end tables. On the other hand, a painting with rich colors may help add life to a room without many accents.

Texture and Simplicity

Contemporary accents should have rich texture, but not intricate detail. Choose curtains, wallpaper, rugs, and blankets made from unique material with simple prints.


Keep your accessories to a minimum, because nothing ruins modern décor faster than clutter. On that note, make sure you keep the room clean as well.

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