Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Buy And Choose Iron Entry Gates

Select an iron gate considering its use and the specific dimensions dictated by the location.

Iron entry gates are strong and sturdy, and can be designed to match almost any decor. If you need an iron gate, the quickest route is to buy one that is ready-made and just needs to be installed. If you do not find a gate that meets all your needs, however, you may opt to design your own iron entry gate based on your special requirements. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Entry gates differ depending on their location and purpose. Front entry gates block the front entrance to your home from the public. These should maximize security and aesthetics. Driveway gates allow private access for your vehicle. Security and beauty are important here also, but the requirements are mainly based on vehicle size and location of the driveway. Garden entry gates block the traffic to a garden from the rest of the backyard or other area, and they need less security features, since they are often already enclosed within another gate.

2. Decide whether you want an iron entry gate that you open manually or that opens automatically. An iron gate that opens manually is usually cheaper in price but can be difficult to work with because iron is very heavy.

3. Take measurements of the area where you intend to put up your gate. Make sure to leave enough space for easy entry into the area. Mark down minimum and maximum size limits for the iron entry gate.

4. Before choosing an iron gate design, you should shop around and look at the ready-made entry gate designs that are available. Take into account that many stores do not carry large iron entry gates because they take up a lot of space. Ask store associates if they have iron gates in a different location, where larger items are stored.

5. You may be able to find entry gates that match your size requirements if the space you have is of standard size or if you do not require a specific gate size. If you cannot find one that is the size you need then find out if it is possible to add slats to the gate to increase the size.

6. Buy a gate lock system which is secure and provides protection for your family. This is especially important for front iron entry gates or driveway iron entry gates, where the gate blocks entry from public areas.

7. Buy gate hinges that are of high quality and made to take the weight of the heavy iron, to ensure that your gate is safe and secure.

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