Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rustic Indian Home Decor

Redesigning your home according to a rustic Indian theme will create a natural, earthy atmosphere inside your home and also make it cozy and comfortable. You may transform your home to a rustic getaway by adding to each room appropriate motifs and design elements that emphasize the rustic appeal. Does this Spark an idea?

Living Room and Den

Decorating your home with old-fashioned, handcrafted furniture will accentuate the theme and bring out its warmth and informality. Consider hickory, pine wood, Aspen log or wrought-iron furniture, such as western benches, ottomans, rockers and trunks. Hardwood floors emphasize the look, especially when adorned with Western-designed rugs, or a simple piece of large cloth with Native American-themed pictures, such as a forest or wild animals.


Choosing deep and rich colors for the bedding and combining them with solid-colored or checkered drapes and pillows, will leave the bedroom looking vibrant. Supplement with earthy tones and accentuate the bedroom with Native American and rustic-themed figurines, such as wild animals, Kokopelli and wood or metal-framed mirrors and paintings. For furniture, wooden or copper chests, dressers and nightstands will complement the rustic theme.


Beautify the walls with rustic-themed decorative pieces, such as wildlife knick-knacks that can be hung from or attached to the wall. Some ideas include leaves, birds, fishes and fishing nets. For a more rustic or cabin style ambiance, use wagon wheels, deer antlers or wildlife paintings. Bring out the old-fashioned charm with wildlife-themed fireplace screens, wooden porch swings, earthy throws and old-fashioned cowbells and weathervanes.

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