Thursday, December 10, 2009

Decorate & Paint A Room

Transform any room with a fresh coat of paint and decorative accessories.

Decorating and painting are two of the most advantageous ways to improve a room's interior design. Depending on the size and style of the room, paint colors and decorative themes can enhance the overall appearance of the living space. Modern decorative trends and painting options allow a room design to become a showpiece for the entire home. Choosing a comfortable interior design theme, painting the walls, selecting attractive pieces of furniture, enhancing the walls and adding decorative accessories can transform a boring room into one with flavor and visual appeal. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select a theme for the room that suits your personal taste and harmonizes with the rest of the house. Opt for French country, rustic cottage or Americana themes if you enjoy the simple elements of country decor. Choose metropolitan, contemporary or modern themes if streamlined furnishings and eclectic artwork fit the design of the house. Select Tuscan, Asian and Mediterranean themes if you enjoy a colorful and exotic interior design. A decorative theme will guide you as the rest of the design elements are incorporated into the mood and motif of the room.

2. Paint the walls. Choose wall paint that has neutral undertones to create a soft, blank canvas for the room decor. Beige, mocha, yellow gold, sage green, cream and taupe paint colors add warmth and comfort to the room design while maintaining a neutral and safe background. Select white or tan paint colors for the trim to outline the borders of the living space. Paint window sills, door frames and baseboards in the same trim color. Use painter's tape where the walls meet the ceiling and floor to avoid unwanted paintbrush marks. Cover the floor with painter's cloth or plastic to keep hardwood and carpet free from paint spills.

3. Select basic pieces of furniture. Choose furniture that coordinates with the theme of the room. For a country design, choose tables, chairs, sofas and bedroom furniture that are made from natural wood. Oak, maple and mahogany are three popular wood materials for a country room design. For a modern appeal, select streamlined couches, accent tables and chairs that have metal legs and a sleek fabric design. Opt for wrought iron, wicker and dark wood furniture for exotic room themes. Choose four or five major pieces to decorate the room to avoid clutter.

4. Complement the space with wall and floor decorations. Add window treatments that encourage the maximum amount of light to enter the room. Sheer curtains, cotton panels and linen draperies provide visual interest to the wall space. Add one large piece of wall art to the room to provide a focal point for the interior design. Complement the rest of the walls with sconces, framed images and wrought iron wall art. Choose hardwood or tile flooring for the majority of the floor space. Add a decorative throw rug in a complementary color to the center of the room.

5. Add decorative accessories. Choose items that harmonize with the theme of the room, paint color, wall accessories and furnishings. Select candle holders, throw pillows, plants, lamps, linens and table decorations that blend with the overall layout and theme of the room. For a country appeal, choose checkered fabrics, wooden candlesticks and handcrafted artifacts to adorn the room. For a modern style, select metal-framed mirrors, colored glassware and sateen fabrics. In an exotic room, add wicker table lamps, clay vases and live green plants to the room decor.

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