Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decorate A Bed Diagonally

There's no reason that you can't create a nontraditional diagonal arrangement.

There's no rule or law of interior decor that proclaims you must decorate your bed in a traditional manner with flat rectangles of bedding and neat rows of pillows. Since it's your bed, you can fashion your own decorating rules. For example, to create a more dynamic and dimensional look with your bed, decorate it on a diagonal. The bed will appear to pop out at you when you enter the room and such a scheme allows you to utilize your chosen colors to the maximum of their capabilities. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Examine a color swatch book or a glossy home decor book. Select the three colors of your bedroom color scheme. You can choose any three colors you like, but balanced combinations are often things like two warm colors and a cool color or two cool colors and a warm color.

2. Outfit your bed with fitted and flat sheets and pillowcases in one color out of your three-color plan. Select a reversible duvet for your comforter that has a second solid color from your color scheme on one side and the final color from your color scheme in a patterned form on the other side.

3. Arrange the pillows with pillowcases neatly side by side at the head of the bed, on top of the sheets. Cover the bed with the comforter in the duvet as you normally would.

4. Pull the top left corner of the duvet down to the bottom right corner of the bed. This will create a diagonal and a triangle shape, and expose the third color of your color scheme in its patterned form.

5. Arrange two solid-colored throw pillows in a color that matches the patterned side of the duvet along the diagonal fold, on the exposed sheet side of the bed.

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