Thursday, December 3, 2009

Different Styles Of Window Boxes

Using window boxes is an option for displaying flowers and green plants around your home. Simply adding window boxes that complement the style of your home can make the home stand out and not seem so dull. There are different styles available for the homeowner to choose. Does this Spark an idea?


It's easy to build a simple window box out of wooden panels and paint it to complement the color of your home. For example, if you have a red brick home, paint the window box white with dark red trim or vice versa. Alternatively, paint the boxes the same color as shutters, roof color or trim color of the home.


Use brackets to mount window boxes instead of nailing through the box. Decorative brackets are made from steel, wrought iron, wood, or other materials. Make sure the bracket is the correct size and type for the box and the home. The bracket must be sturdy and big enough to hold wet soil and not damage the side of your home.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron window box frames add an elegant touch to your home's exterior. Different colors are available. Line the iron frame with coconut fiber, fill with potting soil, and plant flowers or trailing vines in the window boxes.

Alternatively, place copper pots into the wrought iron frames for an old-world look to the home. Copper pots are a good bet, as they will not rot or crack and do not need painting.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots set into the wrought iron frame are available as well. Ceramic pots will need to be removed and placed in storage during cold winters, as the freezing temperatures may expand the wet soil and cause the ceramic to crack.


Plastic window boxes are widely used but not as durable as wood or iron, as the weight from the soil will eventually cause the plastic to crack around the wall attachments unless you use heavy-duty brackets under the box. An additional concern with plastic window boxes is that they will bend out of shape in the hot sun, and can crack in freezing weather. Paint the plastic to match the outside of your home if desirable.


Metal window boxes are available but are very expensive and very heavy. Consider this type carefully as it may be too heavy for your home's construction, and you do not want to damage your home.

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