Friday, December 25, 2009

Decorate The Front Iron Door For A House

Choose an appropriate decoration for the iron door on your home.

Iron front doors are common for people who want an extra measure of security between the world and their home. If you have a wrought iron security door on the front of your home, you can still beautify it so that it coordinates with the rest of your home. Decorating your iron door will make it look less like a security door and more like an attractive aspect of your home. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Tie a bow using weatherproof ribbon and attach it to a grapevine wreath using florist's wire. Run the florist's wire beneath one of the grapevines on the back of the wreath and then attach the wire to the iron door. If your door has wrought iron poles, attach the wire to them. Twist the wire tightly so that the wreath is secure on the door. If you have a solid iron door without poles, use a wreath hanger that sits on the top edge of the door instead.

2. Attach a large bow using weatherproof ribbon. Run a piece of florist's wire through the center of the bow and attach it to the iron door. This is an ideal option for a party, the holidays or if a family is celebrating something, such as a birth.

3. Choose a wooden sign for your door decoration, such as a painted sign depicting the first initial of your last name. Run a zip tie through the hanger on the back of the sign, and then attach it to the iron door securely so that it will not fall off.

4. Decorate your door so that it reflects a particular season or holiday. In the fall, decorate a wreath with orange and yellow leaves and miniature pumpkins. For the Christmas season, hang a wooden sign on the door depicting Santa Claus or a candy cane. Springtime calls for a bow made with floral or pastel ribbon. Choose a door decoration that fits with the time of year so the door looks cohesive with the season.

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