Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decorating Ideas For The Corners Behind A Sectional Sofa

An indoor plant brightens up an empty corner behind a sectional sofa.

Decorate the corners behind sectional sofas with items that complement the style of the room and blend with the design element. Items placed behind the sectional should look like they belong there, not like you are trying to fill the empty space. Take into considerations the fabric, color, pattern and placement of the sectional sofa when decorating the space behind it. Does this Spark an idea?

Floor Lamp

Install a floor lamp in the corner behind the sectional to subtly illuminate that part of the room. Position the lamp strategically behind the seating arrangement so it serves both as a decorative element and creates a reading nook. Offset traditional upholstery on the sectional with a contemporary floor lamp for a modern yet cozy feel. Alternatively, use a lamp with a woven natural fiber lampshade such as rattan or jute to balance a contemporary sectional sofa.


For a larger corner that receives plenty of warm but indirect sunlight, consider a tall houseplant that adds natural color and beauty to the space. Select easy-care plants such as palms, bamboo and corn plants that thrive in the indoor environment. Other houseplants include the cast iron plant, Norfolk Island pine and umbrella tree. You can also hang a pot from the corner of the ceiling and grow trailing or vining houseplants such as English ivy, fuchsia or string-of-beads that add color at varying eye levels behind the sectional.


A sofa table slightly shorter than the height of the sectional sofa forms a functional and decorative backdrop for antiques, keepsakes, books and glassware. Select a table in a bright shade such as yellow or red to add a burst of color behind a neutral or dark sectional, or use one with a soft finish such as pale blue or natural wood for a patterned sectional. Arrange books between bookends. Place a tall vase with fresh flowers or insert memorable photos in frames and arrange them strategically on the table.

Wall Art

Display artwork on the corner walls behind the sectional. Hang a group of framed photos or artwork in varying heights and sizes to add depth and beauty to the otherwise bare spot. Mark the exact positions of the individual items on the wall beforehand to save time during installation. Avoid cluttering the corner or hanging too many pieces, but choose the ones that blend with the theme of the room or those of significance or sentiment. Artwork by children or grandchildren, handmade school crafts, family portraits or collectibles from foreign trips add a personal touch to the corner.

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