Monday, December 28, 2009

Mediterranean Homes Exterior Decorating Ideas

Use an ornate gate on the exterior of your home.

The light colors and distinctive building materials used in Mediterranean-style homes make the curb appeal quite high. This appeal can only be enhanced and built upon with proper exterior decorating. Decorating a home's exterior can include anything from the actual building to the landscape surrounding it. Aim to keep the Mediterranean vibe going when selecting objects to use in the project, which helps to contribute to the exotic nature of the space. Does this Spark an idea?

Architectural Elements

Certain architectural forms, including columns and arches, are common in Mediterranean architecture. Incorporate these into your exterior space. You can do this in a number of ways. For those who have a pool, place columns on either side as a place for vines to grow. Create a garden pergola using columns for the base, and place stone benches underneath for a place to sit. You could also line your driveway with columns and have several archways on the path leading to your front door.

Colors and Materials

A Mediterranean home's exterior can be enhanced by the use of certain materials and colors. Finishing the outer walls with stucco adds to the exotic look. Paint colors like tan or eggshell along with a terracotta room give a classic Mediterranean feel while colors like orange or red give the outside of a home a striking, attention-grabbing appearance. Some homes in this style also include exterior window bars made of ornate wrought iron designs.


Ornate landscaping is often associated with this style of home. Add a terraced garden to the home's exterior if you have the space. Plant topiary trees for an elegant decorating touch. A Mediterranean home may have spaces where indoor and outdoor areas flow seamlessly together because of the mild climate found in the countries of inspiration. Wrought iron patio furniture can add to the vibe in exterior living areas as well as provide durability. Large urns overflowing with flowers can accent a patio space and add vibrant splashes of color to a home's exterior.

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