Monday, December 28, 2009

Select Accessories For Your Mexican Country Style Home

Mexican country style has a wealth of accessories to choose from. Antique pieces are available, and you can also look for items at import shops. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remember that Catholic missionaries exerted a great influence on Mexican history. As a result, religious objects such as crosses, padres, Madonnas and saints are popular.

2. Use carved objects such as sugar molds, tortilla presses, coffee mortars and pestles, as well as figurines, as sculptural accents.

3. Set the mood with candles, both votives and tapers. These may be in glass, metal, wood or ceramic holders.

4. Use tile - from humble Saltillo floor tiles to exuberantly colored glazed wall tiles - generously in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as on furniture and floors.

5. Include wrought-iron accents in the form of candleholders, light fixtures, gates, window grates and furniture hardware (especially heavy hinges and drawer pulls). Be creative - a section of a fence or window grate can become a headboard or be hung on the wall as a sculpture.

6. Have fun with clay figurines, ranging from peasants in colorful everyday attire to animals to the surprisingly festive Day of the Dead skulls and skeletons.

7. Hang pictures that celebrate Mexico, including ranch landscapes and still lifes featuring religious objects and native plants. The pictures might be unframed, in simple wood or metal frames, or in highly ornate carved wood frames.

8. Collect folk-art masks made from carved wood, papier-mache, clay and coconut shells, and hang them on the walls.

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