Monday, March 3, 2014

Brick Patio Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Whether you're starting from scratch or thinking about creating an addition on an existing patio, adding an outdoor kitchen can increase your home's value and curb appeal. Outdoor kitchens typically feature at least a grill and a small section of countertop. If you're looking for something a bit more elaborate, include more common kitchen items, like a refrigerator and sink.


If your patio is brick, keep that fact in mind as you plan your outdoor kitchen addition. Stick with the theme you've already created and build your outdoor kitchen space from brick, too. If you can find it, use the same color brick. If that's not possible, try something that complements your current patio decor, like mixing dark red brick with dark brown brick.

Make Space

Whether you're working with a small space or a large one, it's important to include enough counter and storage space in your initial outdoor kitchen design. This is especially important if you're building your outdoor kitchen out of brick, since it can be difficult to knock out bricks and add storage later. Add enough counter space to prepare food and enough storage space for basic grill supplies near the grill. If you're big on entertaining or you grill out a lot, include additional storage space for glasses and plates, or add an island or extra countertop to create a buffet or bar area for guests.

Double Up

For those chillier nights, double up your grill and your fireplace by creating an outdoor firepit or a large fireplace with an attached grill. Fireplaces and stone grill additions work well on brick patios, since brick doesn't burn. Build a large fireplace and grill structure in the middle of your patio to create a central focal point, or shift it to the center on one side, but remember to choose a spot you like--since, as built-ins, your brick fireplace and grill will be there until you tear them out.

Cover It

An outdoor kitchen can add another usable space to your kitchen, but you'll limit the time you can enjoy it if you don't cover it. Add a pergola with vines to create a little shade and give your brick patio rustic appeal. For a more long-lasting covering, build a roof, add an awning or create an actual outdoor room with walls and all.

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