Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fix The Middle Spray Arm On A Ge Profile Dishwasher

GE Profile dishwashers have two spray arms that are critical to the proper operation of your machine. The spray arms are locate below each dish rack. As the dishwasher runs, water is pumped through the spray arms at a high rate of pressure, causing them to rotate. Water sprays through the nozzles on the arms and onto your dishes. If the middle spray arm, located below the upper rack, is damaged, you must remove it and install a new one.


1. Open the dishwasher door and pull the upper rack out of the wash tub, as far as it will go.

2. Remove the screw from the bottom of the wash arm, securing the wash arm to the underside of the rack. Lower the wash arm and hold it with one hand to prevent it from dropping.

3. Unclip the water supply tube, connected to the wash arm, from the bottom of the rack. Remove the wash arm and water supply tube.

4. Position the new spray arm bearing against the underside of the new wash arm, and then place the new plastic nut below the bearing.

5. Insert the spray arm adapter into the top of the wash arm, and then insert the spray arm into the wash arm adapter.

6. Secure the entire assembly to the underside of the dish rack, using the screw that was removed from the old spray arm.

7. Clip the water supply tube into the water supply tube support on the rear of the bottom of the rack.

8. Push the rack back into the dishwasher and then close the dishwasher door.