Saturday, March 8, 2014

Glues Used With Lumineers

Lumineers porcelain veneers are cosmetic dental products produced by Den-Mat Holdings, LLC. They are made from Cerinate, a patented feldspathic porcelain reinforced with leucite crystals. Its high strength and low thermal expansion make it possible to fabricate dental veneers as thin as a contact lens that resist breakage and remain bonded to the dental surface. Unlike traditional restorations, the Lumineers system is designed for application with little or no tooth preparation, no anesthesia and fewer, shorter patient visits. Proper adhesion requires use of Den-Mat's Tenure Multi-Purpose Bonding System and Ultra-Bond Plus.

Tenure Multi-Purpose

The Tenure Multi-Purpose Bonding System is used to bond resin restorations to enamel, dentin, porcelain, composite and metal. This three-part system includes Tenure A and B adhesives and Tenure S Bond Enhancer. Tenure A and B is a two-part adhesive that cures without exposure to a plasma arc light or other dental bonding light source. Tenure S, which does require light exposure for curing, is an optional hydrophilic compound that increases bonding and adhesion.

Ultra-Bond Plus

Ultra-Bond Plus is a dual-cure restorative porcelain cement available in powder and liquid forms as well as automixing dual-cartridge syringes. Its adhesion has been shown to remain viable for 20 years. It can be used to restore teeth as well as to cement all-porcelain dental restorations, including crowns, inlays and onlays. Its chemical properties are designed to match the Cerinate porcelain used to fabricate Lumineers. Its radiopacity makes it easy to distinguish from natural tooth structure on dental x-rays.

Delivery of Lumineers

The dentist begins by acid etching the teeth to make them sufficiently porous for proper bonding. Next, the dentist applies a mixture of equal parts of Tenure A and B, followed by Tenure S. To cement Lumineers, Ultra-Bond Plus is applied to the veneers themselves, which then are applied to the teeth. Exposure to a curing light source activates the combination of adhesive (Tenure) and bonding agent (Ultra-Bond Plus).

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