Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Repairing The Kitchen Faucet With A Spray Nozzle

Repairing a kitchen faucet with a spray nozzle requires a few additional steps, if you want to fix a leak and repair a problem with the sprayer. This job requires no serious plumbing skill but it does call for a knowledge of basic tools and how faucets work. You will change out two parts to complete this repair. The first is the faucet's cartridge, and the second is the diverter, which diverts water to the sprayer and is inside the faucet base.


1. Shut off the water by closing both pipe valves inside the sink cabinets beneath your faucet.

2. Pull the plastic plug out of the handle and unscrew the screw under this plug with an Allen wrench. This plug is on the handle's base near the bottom edge on most faucets. Slide the handle off the faucet by hand once the screw is out.

3. Unscrew the dome, a rounded cap under the handle, by hand. If the part is difficult to remove, use a pair of large pliers to unscrew it. This part is also called a bonnet nut on some faucets.

4. Remove the packing, a plastic washer under the dome, or take off the adapter by unscrewing the adapter screw and pulling the part off. Remove any other seals or washers under this part.

5. Take out the ball lever and replace the two seat springs, which are black rubber seals with springs, inside the faucet body. Or, remove the cartridge clip and take out the cartridge, if your faucet has a cartridge and not a ball valve.

6. Remove the spout by sliding it off the base of the sink by hand. Locate the diverter inside the faucet's base shaft and take it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Insert a new diverter and replace the spout.

7. Replace the ball valve, or cartridge, if you have a cartridge faucet. Replace the washers, seals, dome cap and handle to rebuild the faucet.