Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good Economical Rotary Laser

Anyone have any brand name suggestions for a good economical rotary laser (manual or automatic level), that would be used in home building for various task (footers, grading, etc.)?

You can buy Dewalt and other brands, but look here LaserMark Rotary Lasers: Automatic Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Levels for Leveling, Plumbing, and Grading, Rotary Levels, Wizard Rotary Levels, as they more or less have the edge on the lasers. You will pay more for a self leveling one, but IMO it is worth it. I didn't and regret it. Look at their rate of error. If they are proud of 1/4 in 20 ft, that ain't good. You'll want the closest accuracy that you can get.

I do not believe good and economical can be used in the same sentence when you are speaking of rotary lasers.
Good generally means fairly expensive and economical usually means less accurate.
the power of the laser is important as well. If outside, it would do you well to pick up an electronic laser target since actually seeing the laser while outside is difficult, if not impossible.
and personally, if you are going to buy any, buy an auto level. A manual is only as accurate as your eye and the bubble they installed.
believe it or not, if you want economical, I would suggest a water level. It is about as good as you are going to get and is cheap. You can make it as long as you want so you could level 2 points a block apart if you want.
it just isn't as handy as a rotary laser.

The receiver is an absolute necessity in daylight, or when setting footings, etc. Actually a water level is more accurate than the laser. There is no rate of error.

A good self leveling, rotary laser will cost you some big money. For most tasks that a home owner/light professional would do a self leveling laser line (horizontal/vertical) level will fit the bill. PLS make very good ones PLS * PACIFIC LASER SYSTEMS As do Dewalt, Porter Cable (Robotoolz) and other good names. I do have a cheap one that does a good job, but the laser is not very bright and the angle of projection is kind of narrow. With lasers you pretty much get what you pay for.

Thanks for the good advice. Lowes is the most convienent place for me out here in the sticks but I can go about 40 miles to a bigger town to get a good laser.
Take a look at this one at Lowes and tell me if anyone has had any experiences with it:
AccuLine Pro at Lowe's: Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level
I have an old 5/8 tripod and lowes has an adapter for $15, but according to what I see in the link at Lowes, I'd still have to buy a measuring rod that fits the laser's detector as well as the detector itself (looks like it does'nt come in the $499 deal?).

The detectors are about $30 at the most. And you can clamp them to a 1x4 and make your own rod. You don't have to do any measuring like a rod and chain set up. Just set the detector the height you want it by using the laser in an index position, then all the other positions either will read high, low, or dead on. $499!! What comes with that gold plated baby??

not much more than the laser itself that I can see...that's at least worth anything anyway.

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