Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make A Pinwheel Hair Bow

Make a Pinwheel Hair Bow

Pinwheel hair bows are described in a variety of ways. Basically, the bow is in a pinwheel shape, with four loops that branch out in four directions. You can make a pinwheel bow from a large variety of cloth and ribbons. Grosgrain and more heavily woven ribbons give a stiffer bow that holds up well for an active wearer. You can make pinwheel hair bows in different sizes that will fit well for the age of your child.


1. Cut a 24-inch piece of 1-inch wide or larger grosgrain ribbon.

2. Make a 1 to 1 1/2 inch loop.The end or tail of the ribbon will be at the opposite end.

3. Make a second loop and third loop next to the first loop and end.

4. Pinch the center of the ribbon.

5. Work the ribbon with your thumb to get small folds in each loop center. The folds will make creases in the loops.

6. Wrap a piece of fine wire or thread around the center of the bow to secure it tightly.

7. Cut a 3 inch piece of ribbon. Loop it around the bow center. Use your needle and thread to secure it with a few stitches.

8. Sew the bow to a spring clip barrette or use bobby pins to wear it.