Sunday, March 9, 2014

Repair A Humming Shallow Well Jet Pump

Pull water from your shallow well quietly with a repaired shallow well jet pump.

A shallow well jet pump carries water from a well a few feet below the surface of the ground to a different location using centrifugal force and injection. The jet pump passes water to an impeller which spins on a motor shaft to create suction that pulls the water. Vibrations in a jet pump are strong indicators of poor prime or a damaged impeller. Repairing a jet pump to eliminate humming involves replacing the impeller if damaged, as well as properly priming the casing of the pump.


1. Cut off power running to the jet pump at the breaker. Loosen and remove the thick bolts around the large round section of the jet pump with a wrench. Pull the jet pump apart and set aside the section not housing the impeller, a round plastic part on the motor shaft.

2. Hold the motor shaft with a wrench or clamps and twist the impeller off the shaft. Examine the impeller for cracks or other damage. A damaged impeller wobbles on the motor shaft, which causes a humming sound to emanate from the pump.

3. Set the impeller, or a replacement if the old impeller was damaged, onto the shaft. Hold the shaft with a wrench or clamps and twist the impeller onto the shaft.

4. Bolt the two sections of the shallow well jet pump together with the thick bolts and wrench. Restore power to the jet pump at the breaker.

5. Remove the small plug from the priming hole located on top of the jet pump. Fill the casing of the pump with water through the priming hole. Set the plug partially into the priming hole and run the jet pump. Push the plug into the priming hole completely once water beings flowing out from beneath the plug. This primes the jet pump, removing any air in the lines. Air in the plumbing lines causes the pump to run on air, which also causes humming.

Tips Warnings

Check the shallow well jet pump's impeller for damage monthly. Regular maintenance in this fashion can greatly lengthen the life of the pump.

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