Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Help Prevent Wrinkles And Aging

Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial to avoid looking older than you are.

Everyone wants to stay young and beautiful forever, but wrinkles are normal part of aging. You genes also play a factor in how many wrinkles and how soon you develop them. However, the number of wrinkles, and the age at which they appear, can be controlled to some degree. There are plenty of anti-aging wrinkle creams that promise excellent results. Yes, some of them work, but the best option is to prevent wrinkles before they happen.


1. Before you can prevent wrinkles, you need to know the most common and main reasons for wrinkles and aging skin.

- Smoking and drinking alcohol are two of the worst things you could do for your skin.

- Sun exposure will instantly increase your risk of developing wrinkles.

- Pulling and tugging at your face can cause wrinkles, as well as wearing too much make up.

2. To protect your skin from UV rays and sun damage, the best thing you can do for your skin is to wear sunblock with a high SPF on your face as well as the rest of your skin all the time. Many facial moisturizers have SPF mixed in to protect your skin, so daily application is easy to remember.

3. Another way to prevent wrinkles and aging is to live a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke, quit. Drink in moderation, and eat healthy foods to have lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants have built in anti-aging vitamins. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will give you the vitamins you need to keep skin naturally healthy. Also, take vitamin E supplements to keep your skin healthy and young. It's also good to exercise at least three times a week. This helps rid of body and skin of toxins and free radicals.

4. Start using anti-aging creams; it's best to start using them in your 20s. By the time you're 20, your skin has already had some damage done.

5. Wash your face at night, but don't tug or pull at your face. The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive, and pulling will weaken skin which can cause wrinkles.

Tips Warnings

Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin daily.

Sweating actually helps skin look younger.

Natural facial masks can help add vitamins back to your skin.