Saturday, March 8, 2014

Make Topiary Place Card Holders

A miniature version of a garden topiary works for displaying place cards.

When you are hosting a large or small event, you want to distinguish your setting and personalize it. Creating topiary place card holders puts a spin on an otherwise rudimentary detail of event hosting. You can customize your creation to reflect the theme of the event or your personality. For a small gathering, you can even personalize the holders to the guest whose card each will hold.


1. Prepare the small containers in which you will plant the topiary. Mini clay pots are a suitable and inexpensive option. Teacups would add refinement to the display. Choose a holder that reflects the nature of the event. Use small black cauldrons for a ghoulish Halloween celebration or a tiny basket for an Easter Sunday brunch. You can use any holder you wish, as long as it is deep enough for you to weigh down effectively to keep the topiary from falling over.

2. Insert a craft stick into the ball. Push the stick roughly halfway into the ball. Hold the topiary by the stick as you apply glue and decorations to keep your hands clean.

3. Coat the Styrofoam ball in glue. Do not use hot glue for this step, as it will melt the Styrofoam. Apply craft glue with a paintbrush.

4. Roll the ball in loose decorative material or place larger pieces onto the surface. If you are making a traditional topiary by using crafting moss, you can roll the ball in the material until it is fully covered. If you are using small flowers, candy, or some other chunky medium, place each piece on by hand.

5. Fill each container with a weighty material that will anchor the display. Sand, small craft pebbles, beads, candy or coins will all work well. If your filling material is not meant to be visible, cover the top with another crafting element, such as craft moss, to obscure the weighted material.

6. Print names on blank cards to finish each topiary. Slide the card in between the container and decorated ball or across the top of the ball for the display. Topiaries with dense material at the top, such as miniature silk rosebuds, will be able to hold the card in place.

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