Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Use A Waterpik

The Waterpik is not as common as the toothbrush or dental floss around the house. The purpose of a Waterpik is similar, however, in that it is used to preserve your oral health. The high pressure of the water is meant to knock debris away from the gum line and in between the teeth. Although a Waterpik should not be used instead of dental floss or a toothbrush, it compliments the two nicely. Use a Waterpik correctly and regularly to have clean, fresh teeth.


1. Fill the Waterpik's base with room temperature water. The water can be lukewarm, if you prefer. Cold water is a bit uncomfortable on the gums.

2. Adjust the Waterpik's water pressure. On most models there is a dial that allows the user control over the amount of pressure. In the beginning, it is wise to turn the pressure down as far as possible. Once you get used to a Waterpik, you will feel more comfortable turning it up a bit.

3. Lean over the sink and place the Waterpik in your mouth. Press the button on the shaft to start the water flow. This is to help keep water from splashing all over the bathroom and mirror. It helps if you close your lips around the Waterpik as well. Just let the water drip out of your mouth into the sink.

4. Squirt on the gum line with the Waterpik. Pay special attention to the area between the teeth. When you get between each tooth, linger there for a moment. It is extremely difficult to reach behind the teeth, so just concentrate on the front gum line.

5. Press the off button on the Waterpik shaft, spit out any remaining water and return it back to the base. If there is any remaining water in the base, empty it in your sink. You don't want water sitting in there collecting bacteria and mold. You must refill and empty it for each use.

Tips Warnings

Waterpiks can be used to increase gum health by increasing blood circulation to your gum line. They should not, however, replace the use of dental floss. There are places floss can get that a Waterpik can't touch. Your mouth may feel extra clean, but there is still work to do.