Sunday, March 2, 2014

Boating Parking Permit In Somerset Parks

Only one Somerset park requires a permit to park your trailer.

Tucked on the far western edge of Wisconsin on the bank of the wild and scenic St. Croix River, the town of Somerset provides a dozen parks to enjoy the natural areas within its boundaries. Nearly half of them have facilities to put your motorized boat or paddlecraft onto the St. Croix river or a local lake. Only one area requires a permit to park your boat trailer or vehicle while you're on your vessel enjoying the water.

Twin Springs Park

Twin Springs Park is the sole city-run park that provides access to the St. Croix River. Twin Springs Park provides a lot accommodating up to six cars or three boat trailers in its boat launch area. Purchase a daily parking pass or annual permit to park within the gates during the park's business hours or your vehicle will be towed. The park is open daily from 5 a.m. At 11 p.m., any vehicles left in the lot after the park closes are towed, whether or not they display a parking sticker.

Applying for a Permit

Purchase an annual permit to park your boat trailer in the town of Somerset by filing an application and paying the annual fee. Display the permit on the left side of your boat trailer tongue. If you transport your rowboat, kayak or canoe directly on your vehicle and don't use a trailer, place the permit sticker on the left rear bumper of your vehicle. The permit is valid from March 1 through the following February only for the vehicle that you describe in your application, and cannot be transferred to another individual or vehicle.

No Permit Needed

Additional boat access to the St. Croix River is available via two areas managed by the National Park Service and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The areas do not do not require fees or permits to park or launch. The National Park Service manages Somerset Landing, which has a boat launch suitable for motorized boats or paddlecraft. The park provides bathrooms, a picnic table, grill and parking area. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains a canoe launch off Rice Lake Road, where free parking is available. You must hand-carry your canoe or kayak to the water's edge at this site.

Somerset Lake Parks

Pine lake has parking for vehicles and boat trailers with handicapped-accessible spaces, and no permits or fees required. Parking includes four boat trailer spots and two more car parking spots. Turtle Lake has permit-free dirt access with a steep, muddy bank that makes boat access challenging with parking on the roadside. Bass Lake has two boat launches, two courtesy docks and 17 parking spots including one with handicapped access. No permits are required.

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