Monday, March 3, 2014

Pr Account Executive Salary

A PR (public relations) account executive is a professional who plans and administers public relations programs for clients. Work includes developing strategies to enhance each client's public image. These PR account executives can work directly for organizations or firms that specialize in marketing, advertising and public relations. Average salaries were reported by PayScale in January 2010 based on 946 individuals reporting their wages.


Most employers require a bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing, public relations or related discipline. Because PR account executives often maintain statistics related to advertising and customer surveys, strong computer skills are also required. Personal attributes include persuasiveness, the ability to maintain strong personal relationships, attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.


Because PR account executives are responsible for maintaining relationships and selling business clients, they often receive a base salary and commissions for their work. Some employers also offer bonuses and profit sharing. Average base salaries range from $34,408 to $45,881 per year, and average commissions range from $2,457 to $10,174 per year. Bonuses range from $502 to $2,056 per year, and profit sharing ranges from $786 to $2,424 per year.


Of those reporting their salaries to PayScale, 83 percent have less than four years of experience and earn average salaries ranging from $29,590 to $44,195 per year. Those with five to nine years of experience---approximately 13 percent---earn average salaries ranging from $41,347 to $58,314 per year. And 4 percent have more than 10 years of experience and earn average salaries ranging from $39,150 to $78,614 per year.

Popular Inudstries

The most popular industries for this occupation include advertising agencies, public affairs and grassroots communications firms, health care and public relations firms. Public affairs and grassroots communications firms pay the highest salaries ranging from $33,664 to $45,505 per year. Health care organizations pay average salaries ranging from $33,190 to $44,319 per year, and advertising agencies pay average salaries ranging from $32,785 to $43,356 per year.

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