Monday, March 10, 2014

Need A/C Blower Motor Electrical Help!

so I decided to replace my blower motor. I went to ac supply
and bought a motor. I took the old one to match.
I hooked up the yellow and blue wire just like the old
motor. I hooked up capacitor and thought this was easy.
Flipped the breaker and the fan took off like a jet
plane. The motor specs appear to be the same.
After a poof from the motor I shut it down.
I am now wondering
where to go from here? Any advice is appreciated
here is the original motor info
ge 5kcp39pg S084 s
the motor the store sold me is a
ao smith Fd6001
I think the original is a 3 speed and the replacement is a 4 speed?

Is this an air handler with electric heat?
I see that the new motor is 230 volt 3 speed 3/4 hp.
I can't bring up that exact GE motor.
A 4 speed motor usually uses white for common and yellow is a speed.
A 3 speed motor will somtimes use yellow for common. (this appearance may be due to age)
Connecting yellow to common instead of white can smoke a motor.
You might double check the wiring.

Thanks for the help
This a air handler with heat. the new motor is a 4 speed which I found out later. The original GE says it is a 3 speed. The original had the yellow and blue hooked up. I didnt pay attention so Im sure it is fried. the ao smith site has a fd1076 which is what I think I need?
The link below will lead you to the models we are talking about. If I buy the 3 speed can I assume that yellow is to be used? I will try to post the GE info
the ge motor has a yellow, red, blue, black and 2 cap brown leads. it says 1100 rpm 3sp on the side. I assume this is a 3 speed.
A.O.Smith Electrical Products Company

Houston I checked the ao smith site and you are correct. The three speed motor does use yellow for common and blue. The 4 speed uses white. So I guess the motor is fried. Could any other components be affected from hooking the yellow?

It is possible that the fan relay on your circuit board was damaged.
You can remove power and visually inspect both sides of the circuit board.
I'd start with a new motor and cap.

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