Monday, March 3, 2014

Build A Pattern For Storage Cube Tables

Storage cube tables are often part of a complete storage cube system. These are a collection of uniformly sized boxes that can be stacked and restacked to fit the changing storage needs of a family. They are typically built from 3/4-inch furniture-grade plywood, so they can more easily blend in with many types of decorating schemes.

A storage cube table is simply one of these cubes with a removable top added. If you create a pattern for the cube's sides from hardboard, you will be able to rapidly manufacture as many storage cube tables as you wish.


1. Choose the size you want for your tables. If you intend to use the tables as part of a storage cube system, you will probably want the tables to be 18 inches on each side.

2. Decide on the material from which you will build the tables. The thickness of the material you use will affect the size of the different pattern pieces. We will create a sample pattern using 3/4-inch plywood so you can see how the design process works.

3. Using the carpenter's square and pencil, mark an 18-by-18-inch square on the hardboard and cut it out. Mark this template as outer panel. You will use this to create two of the sides for the cube table.

4. Figure the measurements of the next template. This side will be the size of the outer panel, minus two thicknesses of the building material. For our 18-inch storage cube, we will subtract 1 1/2 inch (two thicknesses of 3/4-inch plywood) for a width of 16 1/2 inches. This template will be 18 by 16 1/2 inches; use the carpenter's square and hardboard to make it. Label this one inner panel.

5. Create the template for the bottom panel. It will be a square measuring 16 1/2 by 16 1/2-inches, which is our 18-inch cube minus two thicknesses (1 1/2 inch) in both dimensions. Using the carpenter's square and hardboard, make the bottom template.

A storage cube will be made from two outer panels, two inner panels, and one bottom panel, each cut from 3/4-inch plywood. When assembled, you will have a cube measuring 18 by 18 by 18 inches, with one open side.

6. Finish the table pattern by creating a template for the top. The top should extend 1 inch beyond the storage cube on each side, so this template will measure 20 by 20 inches. Use the square and hardboard to make the top template.

Tips Warnings

The top piece is held on the storage cube by friction. Four small wood blocks are mounted to the bottom of the top piece to keep it in place on the cube. You can use the bottom template to mark the positions of these blocks by laying it on the top piece, centering it, and then tracing around it with the pencil. Glue the blocks to the top, inside the outline of this template.

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