Saturday, March 8, 2014

Building A Brick Barbeque To Fit A Weber Propane Grill

Always check with local building codes before starting a major home improvement project.

A brick barbeque in your backyard adds an aesthetically appealing outdoor feature to your home while giving you somewhere to cook and entertain in good weather. Building a brick barbeque for your Weber propane grill basically entails building a brick frame in which to put the grill. This is a relatively simple project that involves basic brickwork, though if you don't have a flat, paved space in your yard, you will need to create a foundation for your grill.

Designing Your Grill

Weber manufactures a variety of propane grills spread across four product lines. When it comes to building a brick barbeque for your Weber propane grill, you need the dimensions of the unit so you can design a structure in which to fit it. You can find the measurements for your grill in your owner's manual or measure it yourself. Weber propane grills have a rim around the grill itself, which you need to accommodate. You also need to allow access to the gas tanks for your grill. You can do this by building an open face barbeque or by mounting a steel door into the face of a closed barbeque.

Barbeque Base Basics

Any brick structure requires a sturdy surface. If your yard already has a flat, paved surface, such as a patio or deck, you don't need to worry about this. However, if you are building on a dirt area in your yard, you need to create a base. The Complete Guide to Masonry Stonework recommends building a floating concrete slab. This consists of a U-shaped hole lined with wood for support and filled with concrete. For an attractive surface, lay bricks or other surfacing material on top of the slab.

Working with Bricks

Building a brick barbeque requires some basic masonry work. Before starting your project, purchase all of the bricks you need and the type of mortar best suited for brickwork. To build your brick structure, mix mortar in a large bucket or wheelbarrow and use a trowel to apply it to the top of each row of bricks. Create smooth, even layers of mortar, checking each one with a level. This ensures structural integrity in your barbeque and a uniform design ideal for accommodating your grill and holding it in place. Practicing with a few bricks, before starting your barbecue construction, will help familiarize you with the brick-laying process.

Installing the Grill

You can insert your grill into the barbeque a few different ways. If you feel confident in your ability to build the perfect barbeque for your grill, you can simply drop the grill into the barbeque once it's completed. You will need to ensure that the hole at the top of the barbeque provides enough clearance to drop the grill in. With an open face barbeque, you can slide the grill into the finished unit. Or you can put the grill in place at the beginning of the project then build around it to ensure a perfect fit.

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