Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tropical Christmas Decoration Ideas

Tweak tropical decorations to fit into the Christmas theme.

If you live in a warm climate, Christmas does not have to look like the North Pole. You fool no one with the fake snow and bundled-up elves. The giant snow globes give no illusion of a winter wonderland, nor do the icicle lights hanging from your roof. This year, Santa is going on vacation to somewhere a little bit sunnier and a whole lot warmer. This year, Santa is going tropical.


The pine tree is the traditional Christmas tree, but if you don't see any growing naturally in your area, you don't have to go the traditional route. Pick trees indigenous to your location, such as palm trees. Decorate with lights, garland made of flowers, seashells (strung like beads) and some of your old ornaments to keep the Christmas feel. Use a grass skirt for a tree skirt, and pick up some tropical Christmas ornaments to tie the look together. Make ornaments out of things you find on the beach. Ornaments of a surfing Santa and sunbathing reindeer can add whimsy to your tropical tree as well. Don't try to bring the North Pole to your home; decorate as if the North Pole is on vacation.


Ditch the snow village and series of snowmen you usually place on your mantel. Replace the old decorations with a gingerbread tiki hut, elves decked out in Hawaiian shirts and a wreath made of palm leaves, seashells and ribbon. You can go with the traditional red and white stockings or stockings with beach scenes. If you have a large family, each stocking can be a character from the North Pole dressed for the beach. Santa with a surfboard, Mrs. Claus under a beach umbrella and elves building sandcastles are all ideas for tropical stockings for families.


Hang lights from all the plants in your yard and your house, accentuating the tropical aspects of your home. Top flamingos with Santa hats, and have Santa, the reindeer and elves playing on the beach in your yard. From an intense volleyball match to building sandcastles, the possibilities are endless. Santa can be water skiing instead of sleighing into the neighborhood. Sunglasses, red and green Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops are essential. Have three or four elves hang gliding with a banner trailing behind them that says, Merry Christmas. Switch out Mrs. Claus' usual long dress for a hula skirt and spectacles for sunglasses. They won't want to go back to the snow after this much fun in the sun.

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