Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Is A Spiny Oyster

Spiny Oyster

Spondylus more commonly called the Thorny Oyster or Spiny Oyster is large and very colorful. The Spiny Oyster is not even an oyster but in the scallop family. Often found in home aquariums or as jewelry this sea animal is in high demand for its appearance and color.


The Andean people used Spiny Oysters as currency in pre-Columbian times and today Native American Indians often use the Spiny Oysters shell for jewelry.


The Spiny Oyster have several eyes around the edges of their shells and a rather developed nervous system. The shell is held together by a ball and socket hinge.


This amazing sea animal changes sex from male to female during its lifetime.

Aquarium Friendly

The reef safe invertebrate requires strong currents and with its bright colors perfect for a home aquarium.


The Spiny Oyster filter feeds through currents, which brings nutrients to the animal.


The Spiny Oyster is sessile and does not wander, attaching itself to the aquariums, objects sand or reef.

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