Sunday, March 2, 2014

Repair Glider Rocker Chairs

Problems with glider rocker chairs can often be repaired at home.

It's always a sad day when your beloved glider rocker chair begins to squeak or develops a rip. Glider rockers can be expensive to replace, and the model you love or color that looks perfect in your room, may not be available anymore. Fortunately, minor problems such as squeaking bolts, wood that rubs together and squeaks, loose seams in a cushion cover or small rips in the upholstery can usually be repaired in just a few minutes at home.


Stop a Squeak

1. Determine where the squeak is originating. Glider rocker chairs have many moving parts, and the squeak could be coming from any point.

2. Lubricate bolts and other metal parts. If the oil will come in contact with any plastic parts, use Vaseline as a lubricant. Otherwise, as long as the oil will only come in contact with metal or wood, you may use a vegetable oil or pre-packaged machinery oil such as WD-40.

3. Wax wood parts if oiling does not help, or if the squeak is obviously originating from wood parts. Apply parafin wax by rubbing it into the wooden parts. If you have difficulty accessing the wooden contact points, try laying the chair on its side.

4. Test the chair by sitting in it and rocking. If squeaking continues or returns after a period of time, inspect the chair to find contact points that were missed or that were not thoroughly oiled or waxed.

Fix a Cushion

5. Remove the cushion from the chair and inspect the fabric to determine if it can be repaired or if the cushion should be replaced.

6. Mend small rips or loose seams by hand. Use good-quality, matching thread to sew darn a rip or to close seams that have begun to unravel. If the cushion has a rip that is too large or too frayed to sew closed, buy a small amount piece of sturdy fabric in a similar color at a fabric store and sew a patch over the rip.

7. Buy a new cushion if the damage is too extensive to repair. Locate the brand name and model number on the chair. Contact the retail store where you bought your glider or another retail story that sells gliders from the same manufacturer, or contact the manufacturer directly to order a new cushion.

8. Sew a slipcover for your damaged cushion if you are unable to purchase a new one. Select fabric at a fabric store, then remove the old cushion cover and use it as a pattern to construct a slipcover. Add a zipper to close the seam at the back of a cushion or sew the slipcover onto the cushion.

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